Everything you need to know about The Direct Vision Standard

On the 26th of October 2020, all HGVs over 12 tonnes will need a Direct Vision Standard safety permit to enter or operate in the Greater London area. If the vehicle falls short of the DVS then they will need to hold a safety permit and to obtain these ratings the operator must contact their manufacturer. All vehicles will have a star system based on the type and model of the vehicle and it is now a necessity following the 3 years notice HGV companies have had to prepare.

Wrightbus saved with deal in principle

Bidder Jo Bamford and owner of the Wrightbus factory site Jeff Wright have reached an agreement for the land and factory of Wrightbus. This year at Coach and Bus UK 2019 there was an empty space in which Wrightbus would have been. This was sad for many who have worked alongside the Ireland based company including ourselves (SURE Transport). 

What are the risks of blind spots and what are the solutions?

When learning to drive a vehicle we are encouraged to always check our blind spots and after a while, it will almost become second nature. You can’t change lane or pull away and begin driving without checking your mirrors and blind spots, so why should a heavy vehicle be any different?

Winning The Go-Ahead Group Contract

Last year SURE24, the Nottingham-based tech company inked a deal with Go-Ahead, one of the UK’s leading public transport providers, to provide onboard CCTV support services for all 5,000 of its UK buses.

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