Everything you need to know about bus CCTV

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When protecting your bus there is recommended industry equipment. Every bus looking to install CCTV equipment into their vehicles will require between 5 and 24 CCTV cameras dependent on the size of the bus or coach. With 4.36 billion bus journeys occurring each year in England alone, CCTV is vital to protect both the driver, passenger and bus company. 

Factors to consider when buying vehicle CCTV for your bus fleet

The positioning of the camera

The first thing you need to consider is the placement and position of your camera, what are you looking to capture and where do you want the wires to run (if the DVR is hardwired into the cameras). 


Wired or wireless cameras

We recommend wired cameras as wireless cameras can come with a multitude of problems including loss of signal, weather intermittence, and lower image quality. If you are fitting a van which is particularly long then you may also encounter problems with front-facing cameras that are trying to transmit data to DVRs that are located at the rear of the vehicle.

The image quality is also affected by most wireless cameras offering lower resolution output and then on top of this, the visuals will be massively affected by weather conditions (which isn’t great if you live in the United Kingdom).



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