Protecting your van has never been more important. With van thefts on the rise, you are now wanting to protect what is yours. Your tools and equipment are expensive and a simple CCTV system installed in your van can not only protect your equipment but can protect you personally when driving.

Everything you need to know about bus CCTV

When protecting your bus there is recommended industry equipment. Every bus looking to install CCTV equipment into their vehicles will require between 5 and 24 CCTV cameras dependent on the size of the bus or coach. With 4.36 billion bus journeys occurring each year in England alone, CCTV is vital to protect both the driver, passenger and bus company. 

SURE24 to showcase new products at ALBUM this year

On 07 May 2019 – Transport CCTV specialists SURE24 / SURE Transport are set to exhibit at the ALBUM conference in Cardiff. SURE Transport will be launching a brand new product whilst exhibiting at ALBUM and will aim to raise awareness of the brand and its current successes in the transport industry.

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