After-sales support and training come as standard. SURE Transport provide training for on vehicle equipment as well as back office software. Your team can manage video footage, monitor the health of systems and call out engineers as required.

Training covers DVR and WiFi system configuration, service checks, video retrieval, video processing ready for third parties such as insurers and Police. Bespoke training on-site can also be provided based on your requirements, tailored for your team.



SURE Helpdesk provides expert support when you need it.

Experienced staff are on hand to help answer any queries you have regarding equipment or software.


360 camera transport
The SURE Transport 360 driver’s aid displays a birds-eye view on-screen and can record raw camera images around the vehicle to assist the driver on driving more safely.


Installation CCTV
SURE supply vehicle kits prepared and delivered to the specific requirements of the customer, ready to be fitted on the production line.  SURE hold stock of all equipment for overnight delivery or work to order schedules.


CCTV tracking
SURE Tracking is integrated via the DVR and does not require a secondary tracking system or monthly subscription.  By using the SURE Transport Cloud system you only need one connection to the vehicle for your tracking, CCTV health and download needs.
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