Equipment for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV)

Kitting out your fleet of Heavy Goods Vehicles with the latest in CCTV technology is what we can offer your business. 

Stortech dome cameras have been designed with the vehicle in mind. Their low profile, flush-mounted design means that they are harder to remove accidentally and their perspex outer dome means the camera lens is protected from movement, vandalism and dirt. These make the Stortech dome cameras great for HGVs as cameras are often knocked off during operation.

With a heavy goods vehicle it can vary massively on how many cameras are required for the vehicle. Some customers may want 1-4 cameras and others may want to run 6+. The MDVR range can support up to 9 cameras with the MDVR9 supporting 8 AHD and 1 IP camera. The Timespace V400, although not HD, can support up to 16 cameras making this DVR a worthy contender in vehicle CCTV.

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Everything you Need to Know About HGV CCTV (Direct Vision Standard)

On the 26th of October 2020, all HGVs over 12 tonnes will need a Direct Vision Standard safety permit to enter or operate in the Greater London area. If the vehicle falls short of the DVS then they will need to hold a safety permit and to obtain these ratings the operator must contact their manufacturer. 

All vehicles will have a star system based on the type and model of the vehicle and it is now a necessity following the 3 years notice HGV companies have had to prepare.

Direct Vision Standard is to identify how much a driver can see directly through their cab windows to ensure the safety of vunerable road users. 


 “HGVs were involved in 63% of fatal collisions with cyclists and 25% of pedestrian deaths. This is despite HGVs making up only 4% of miles driven in London city.”

Statistics from TfL and the Mayor of London’s office 

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding HGV CCTV

Is HGV CCTV a Necessity?

Sadly, CCTV installation on a HGV is not a necessity however it does drastically aid in protecting other road users and the driver of the vehicle. To work alongside the Direct Vision Standards set in London we offer our wing mirror camera system which gives a wide dynamic range for low light conditions, greater field of view and the mirrors are internal to help prevent collisions (SUREVIEW wing mirror).

What do I Need to Consider Regarding Placement?

The first thing you need to consider is the placement and position of your camera, what are you looking to capture and where do you want the wires to run (if the DVR is hardwired into the cameras). 

SUREVIEW monitors are fitted into the drivers cab with the compact cameras fitted to the sides of the vehicle. Then with HGV vehicles you have the option of cab cameras or dome cameras where generally two would be situated externally, two in the back of the vehicle where the goods are kept and one in the cab which is driver facing.

What Other Accessories Should I Consider?

Another good option for HGVs would be the 360 system we offer here. This system acts as a drivers aid and offers a birds-eye view of the vehicle so that the driver can monitor their surroundings whilst maneuvering. 

Sure360 drivers aid

Where Will My Cameras Face?

When looking into heavy goods vehicle CCTV it is important to know what you are wanting to capture and how many cameras are required to capture the necessary footage. On the below diagram labelled "HGV Schematic CCTV Placement" there is an example of what your vehicle may look like. 

(1) The external forward facing camera which will capture other road users at the front of the vehicle.
(2) The internal camera which will monitor the goods kept inside the vehicle and will be useful to capture burglary/vandalism inside the vehicle.
(3) The side-view camera, important for monitoring traffic/pedestrians on the left of the vehicle.
(4) The internal cab-view camera, used for monitoring drivers behaviour (can be used in court/legal cases where the driver is blamed)
(5) Rear facing external camera for monitoring vehicles at the rear and capturing those entering the internal storage area.
(6) Right-side external camera for monitoring the right side of the vehicle (similarly to the left camera).

HGV Schematic CCTV Placement

HGV Schematic
HGV schematic cameras cctv

4 Camera Kit (SD Version)

4 Camera Kit SD card version

4 Camera Kit (HDD Version)

4 camera kit HDD version
Equipment we Recommend

The most popular camera we supply to large vehicles is the D056C650 with most of the customers being in the bus or coach market. The dome camera offers IP67 weatherproofing with flush mounting and wedge mounting options for complete protection from vandalism and wet weather conditions. This makes the camera perfect for external fitting on a heavy goods vehicle however it can also be mounted internally in the storage area for protection against theft of the goods. For more information on the D050 series, click here

The HGV driver's cab and the rear storage of the vehicle are often fitted with a more compact cab camera. The benefit of using the cab cameras is that the footage recorded is captured in high-definition and is easily connected to our MDVR range for quick installation. This means you are able to identify people entering and exiting the vehicle as well as monitoring the drivers behaviour whilst operating the HGV. 

On the SURE Transport website, we offer CCTV kits which have been pre-built for van and HGV use. We offer two 4 camera kits, one with a hard-drive and one which uses SD cards. For more information click here

CCTV Kits Recommended for HGVs

CCTV Kits for vans and HGVs
D056C650-DPES-PC Stortech


○ 2.5, 2.9 or 3.6mm Lens 
○ 650TVL resolution 
○ CCD sensor 
○ Reverse trigger optional
○ 360 coverage 
○ IP67 weatherproof
○ E-Marked   
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Hikvision DS-2XM6726FWD-I


○ 2.8, 4. 6 or 8mm lens
○ 4MP 2K resolution 30fps 
○ CMOS sensor 
○ IR cut filter
○ IP67 weatherproof
○ 120dB wide dynamic range
○ 3D DNR
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The MDVR4 and MDVR4S are 4 channel, high definition digital video recorders fit for the transport industry. These DVRs are built to last with their airtight, dust resistant and vibration resistant casing. The MDVR4 / 4S can both come with built in GPS, Wi-Fi and 4G data for camera live viewing and tracking. These 4 channel DVRs are better suited for smaller vehicles such as vans, cars and emergency vehicles and offer easy installation with their plug and play approach to setting up.

Available Channels (MDVR4) (MDVR4S)
720p High Definition
File Password Protection and Encrypted
Storage (MDVR4) (MDVR4S)
(2TB HDD + 128GB SSD) (128GB SSD + 128GB SSD)
Operating System
Solid State Disk
(128GB) (2*128GB)
Channel Type
Alarm Inputs
(6) (4) inputs
Audio Microphone Inputs
4 Inputs
Operating Temperature
-20℃ to +70℃
(1.9kg) (0.36kg)
    SURE MDVR4 Digital Video Recorder

    MDVR4 (W3G) (W4G)

    ○ 4 channels
    ○ 2TB HDD cartridge
    ○ 720p AHD camera support
    ○ Optional GPS, WiFi & 4G
    SURE MDVR4S Digital Video Recorder

    MDVR4S (W3G) (W4G)

    ○ 4 channels
    ○ 2* 128GB SD card
    ○ 720p AHD camera support
    ○ Optional GPS, WiFi &4G

    ST815-720p Super Miniature Cab Camera (AHD)

    ST815 Cab Camera
    1/4” CMOS Sensor AR0141
    Picture Elements
    TV System
    Effective Pixels
    1.0M Pixels
    S/N Ratio
    More than 48 dB, (AGC Off)
    Auto Gain Control (AGC)
    White Balance
    Electronic Shutter Setting
    Back Light Compensation
    Electronic Shutter
    AUTO/ 1/50(1/60)-1/100,000sec
    Video Output
    1 Vp-p, 75Ocomposite 4 ways Din jack x1
    Tilt adjustment
    --52 - +52
    2.3mm Standard Fixed Lens
      ST815-720p Cab Camera


      ○ 1.0M pixels 
      ○ IP67 Weatherproofing 
      ○ Lens Mount M12XP0.5mm
      ○ Power consumption 70mA
      ○ Power Supply 12V DC ±10%
      ○ Dimensions (ø X H) 24.4x36mm
      ○ Net Weight 96g
      ○ Weatherproof IP67

      SURE MDVR8

      Available Channels
      1080p High Definition
      Front Screen Display
      128x64 Lattice Screen
      File Password Protection and Encrypted
      2TB HDD + 2* 128GB SSD
      Operating System
      Solid State Disk
      2* 128GB
      Alarm Inputs
      16 Inputs
      Audio Microphone Inputs
      9 Inputs
      Operating Temperature
      -20℃ to +70℃
        SURE MDVR8 Digital Video Recorder

        MDVR8 (W3G) (W4G)

        ○ 8 channels
        ○ 2TB HDD cartridge
        ○ 720p AHD camera support
        ○ Optional GPS, WiFi & 4G

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        CCTV Monitors and Accessories
        DSM5WGF-2 Monitor LED


        ○ 5" (4:3) aspect ratio
        ○ 640x480 resolution
        ○ PAL/NTSC
        ○ DC12V 1AMP power supply
        ○ Response time 10-15ms
        ○ Remote control operated
        ○ E-Marked   
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        DSMH15LED-WGF-2 Monitor LED


        ○ 15" (4:3) aspect ratio
        ○ 1024x768 resolution
        ○ PAL/NTSC
        ○ DC12V 3AMP power supply
        ○ Response time 8ms
        ○ Remote control operated
        ○ E-Marked   
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        RUT955 router

        RUT955 Router

        ○ LTE Cat 4 
        ○ Speeds up to 150 Mbps
        ○ Dual SIM (reduce roam cost)
        ○ Geofencing
        ○ Remote management
        ○ Termination: molex crimp
        ○ Cable length 5m
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        GPS-DS Receiver

        ○ 10Hz update rate
        ○ Supports 105-channel GNSS
        ○ 9600 bps
        ○ Waterproof
        ○ Ultra low power consumption
        ○ 12 multi-tone active
        ○ E-Marked
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        Software and Regulations
        LanLink Timespace Software

        Timespace LANLink

        ○ Tracking and route info
        ○ Download video footage
        ○ CAN data (schedule repairs)
        ○ In-browser playback
        ○ CCTV LED health monitoring
        ○ Camera images
        ○ Fleet management
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        PCLink Timespace Software

        Timespace PCLink

        ○ Timeline playback / review 
        ○ Object blurring tool
        ○ All cameras on one screen
        ○ Live video streaming
        ○ Watermarked images
        ○ Driving analysis - G Sensor
        ○ Rapid analysis of footage
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        SURE Enterprise fleet management software

        SURE Enterprise

        ○ Monitor entire fleet
        ○ Depot management
        ○ Consolidate health of buses
        ○ Reduce manpower
        ○ Deliver footage quickly
        ○ Allocate jobs to engineers
        ○ Video download/playback
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