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Equipment for any Vehicle

Reducing the risk of vehicle theft and damage with CCTV

SURE transport is known in the industry for supplying CCTV equipment to Tier 1 and 2 bus operators across the UK. 

With sister company SURE24 having been a CCTV brand for over a decade, we have camera and DVR specialists available on telephone, email and live chat at any time during work hours. 

The SURE Transport website has tons of information about how to link all of the equipment together, what companies we have worked within the transport industry and how you can best protect your vehicle from damage and theft. 

All of our CCTV can be fitted by a UK based engineer if required however we offer plug and play kits for an easier installing experience. Software is also available on many of the products to allow for live view, tracking and video/audio recording.

vehicle cameras for CCTV
digital video recorders for cctv
cctv monitors for vehicles

We cater our equipment to transport industries, police, emergency services, business owners and general public. If you wish to contact us for more information then simply call: +44 (0)1949 836990

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SURE Enterprise

SURE can provide and advise on suitable technology to monitor an entire fleet from PSV to engineers’ and support vehicles. The recently released ‘SURE Enterprise’ software brings multiple depot systems together in to one centralised management system.

The implementation of SURE Enterprise consolidates the health of buses across the fleet from multiple sites therefore reducing man power and facility costs dramatically.

Customer Benefits

"Encrypted access is granted to the relevant party to quickly download video evidence from the cloud or instantly playback without the need to download. “This is currently being rolled out to one of our major customers."

○ Monitor an entire fleet of vehicles
○ Bring multiple depot systems together into one centralised management system
○ Consolidate the health of your bus CCTV systems Equipment for any Vehicle
○ Reduce manpower thus reducing outgoings such as wages or facility costs
○ Deliver CCTV quickly to those depots in need
○ Integrates with SURE Helpdesk to allocate engineers to urgent jobs
○ Capture snapshots and footage from any date range
○ Encrypted access
○ Video download, playback and cloud storage

Enterprise Software in Action

Enviro400 fitted with Stortech Cameras

Featured Publications

Smart Infrared Sensor Monitor

Smart Sensor Monitor Temperature


○ Infrared temperature 
face recognition
○ Dangerous driving analysis
○ Designed for public transport
○ H.265 compression
○ 10,000 faces database
○ Accuracy ≤±0.1°C

This device has been designed after the virus outbreak in 2019 which has sadly caused a lot of chaos around the world and continues to do so even to this day. One of the key indicators to when someone has a virus is that their temperature will rise with the average fever temperature sitting around 38°C. 


Using infrared facial recognition, this device can identify when passengers attempting to board modes of transport have a temperature. 

The device works toward helping to avoid the risk of spreading the infection to other passengers or drivers of the vehicle therefore slowing the spread and aiding to lower the pressure on our NHS.


With some viruses (inc Covid19) being airborne it is critical that we avoid being in close spaces with those that posses the virus.

Smart infrared sensor monitor

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About SURE Transport

Established in 2003, SURE started off in development, procurement and distribution of security equipment with its primary client base being Blue Light, Government Agencies and major distribution supplier for RS Components. Following on from Blue Light vehicle installations, SURE has established itself as a supplier and installer in the transport sector, with large clients such as Lothian Buses and West Coast Motors requiring new vehicle installation at factory in Falkirk (ADL) and Belfast (Wright Bus). Our latest technology includes implementing the SURE Cloud 3G based hosted monitoring system so that the client has daily visibility and management of CCTV within the fleet.


SURE works in partnership with the vehicle manufacturers to secure business. SURE offers training at locations to suit the client; at their own premises, suppliers premises or the vehicle manufacturers premises. In addition to training SURE Transport offers technical support via telephone for on vehicle equipment and back office software.


SURE supply vehicle kits prepared and delivered to the specific requirements of the vehicle manufacturer, ready to be fitted on the production line. SURE hold stock of all equipment and are able to delivery to order schedules so as to cause no disruption to the normal flow of work.


SURE has nationwide engineering resource for new build, retro fit and service work. We work with various companies and auto electricians in the UK and are happy to work with our clients preferred supplier.


SURE have been an approved distributor of Timespace for 12 years and promote this premier British brand as we believe that they have the most robust hardware and most comprehensive software available in the industry. PCLink and LANLink are unrivalled in their ability to provide information and data quickly and easily both locally and remotely. SURE have an extensive portfolio of equipment including; cameras, monitors, GPS receivers and only stock high quality cables and connectors. We are able to offer clients bespoke, holistic system designs based on their requirements and our knowledge and experience.

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