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Our accessories include the ability to live track your vehicles and view live CCTV using 3G/4G, GPS and Wi-Fi. All this footage can be recorded and stored onto a digital video recorder using the storage hard-drives and SD cards we supply under the accessories tab also.


HDD options are available for the V400 meaning large vehicles can capture a lot of H.264 compressed clips and store them without having any issues whilst retaining the image quality.   

We cater our equipment to transport industries, police, emergency services, business owners and general public. If you wish to contact us for more information then simply call: +44 (0)1949 836990

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Hard-Drives for Additional Storage

Capture and store compressed files for longer with additional encrypted removable storage

Timespace DVRT701 hard drive

DVRT701 (500/1000/2000)

○ Hard drive for DVR 
○ 500GB, 1TB or 2TB options
○ Suitable for V400/V500 DVR
○ Simple swap operation
○ Full traceability
○ Extensively tested
○ 30 month warranty
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Timespace DVRT601 hard drive

DVRT601 (500/1000)

○ Hard drive for DVR 
○ 500GB or 1TB options
○ Suitable for X300 DVR
○ Simple swap operation
○ Full traceability
○ Extensively tested
○ 30 month warranty
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LanLink Timespace Software

Timespace LANLink

○ Tracking and route info
○ Download video footage
○ CAN data (schedule repairs)
○ In-browser playback
○ CCTV LED health monitoring
○ Camera images
○ Fleet management
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PCLink Timespace Software

Timespace PCLink

○ Timeline playback / review 
○ Object blurring tool
○ All cameras on one screen
○ Live video streaming
○ Watermarked images
○ Driving analysis - G Sensor
○ Rapid analysis of footage
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GPS, Routers and More

Making your CCTV go further with additionals that allow for live tracking


GPS-DS Receiver

○ 10Hz update rate
○ Supports 105-channel GNSS
○ 9600 bps
○ Waterproof
○ Ultra low power consumption
○ 12 multi-tone active
○ E-Marked
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RUT955 router

RUT955 Router

○ LTE Cat 4 
○ Speeds up to 150 Mbps
○ Dual SIM (reduce roam cost)
○ Geofencing
○ Remote management
○ Termination: molex crimp
○ Cable length 5m
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Timespace low bridge alert

Low Bridge Alert

○ Driver CCTV monitor warning
○ Flashing red LED warning
○ Audible warning
○ Vehicle height setting
○ Green 'operating' LED
○ Free software upgrades
○ 1st, 2nd & danger warnings
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SURE Enterprise fleet management software

SURE Enterprise

○ Monitor entire fleet
○ Depot management
○ Consolidate health of buses
○ Reduce manpower
○ Deliver footage quickly
○ Allocate jobs to engineers
○ Video download/playback
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